About Mincice

Who We Are

We are an experienced decorations company which combines creation, producing and sales department. The company team relies on a set of rich experience in home accessories operation and an excellent team. We continue to study and research, only to better present products and meet the different needs of customers.

What We Have

Taking the humanization and art of home accessories as the core, from the classical charm of the world to the simple local style, it integrates decoration, practicality, and ornamental quality, and integrates resin crafts, wood products, ceramic products, and other materials. In terms of product creation, it is required to be rich in cultural heritage, combining the sense of classical art with the aesthetic pursuit of modern cities and popular elements.

The products cover candle holders, clocks, wall hangings, photo frames, ornaments, all kinds of wood crafts, all kinds of iron crafts, etc. Create a home culture atmosphere.

Our Mission 

Let more home crafts decorate more homes.

Why Choose Us