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Song of Joy Angel Figurine on Stand

Song of Joy Angel Figurine on Stand

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Nativity Collection

"For me, the art of dance is not literal. I love to take in the experience through all my senses, and feel the emotion on another level. Dance can pick you up and sweep you away... it can be sometimes uplifting, sometimes poignant; but it always strives to speak the truth. The clarity and poetic purpose of movement in dance choreography is what inspired the gestures of this piece. I covered the surfaces with intricately carved symbols and icons. I like that the painted effect gives the illusion of sheer lace. The wings are more ethereal than other Willow Tree; they’re minimal, more free-form, almost disappearing… The carvings on Song of Joys are celestial... sun, moon, stars... alluding to rhythmic cycles and seasons. I hope that these pieces can be enjoyed singly or together, with the Nativity or on their own.”—Susan Lordi

Song of Joy and Dance of Life are designed for the classic Nativity display… or enjoyed on their own. Singly or together, they make wonderful wedding gifts, new baby gifts, spiritual milestone commemoratives, and ho liday décor pieces.


This Group Includes:Elevated female angel in cream dress with full skirt and wire wings, in ballet pose with hands raised to mouth. Celestial symbols carved on dresstallest is 10.8”h. All dimensions are measured manually with deviation.ranged. we are sorry for that.

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