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Jesus Christ Crown of Thorns Christian Necklace

Jesus Christ Crown of Thorns Christian Necklace

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Tin is the fourth precious metal arranged behind platinum, gold, and silver. It is three times the value of copper, Tin can preserve its forever luster!
Tin is very suitable for contact with the human body, It is the best jewelry material after gold and silver.

Item Details

• Gender : Male / Female
• Pendant weight : 14- 15 Grams
• Pendant Diameter : 3,20cm x 2,70cm (1.26 x 1.07 inc)
• Bail Width : Suitable for up to 0.15 Inc (4.00 mm) Chain
• Chain Thickness : 0.06 Inches (0.15 mm)
• Chain Length/Weight :24 Inches(60cm)/15 Gr

Accessories are our best friends to change the look of our outfits in a second. However, over accessorizing can make us look ratty.  you can do no wrong with the right accessory. The admirable Jesus Christ Crown of Thorns Christian  Necklace is an exceptional piece in that sense. On its perfectly textures pendant, it features Jesus Christ wearing the Crown of Thorns before his crucifixion. The Christian Pendant is a work of art, upgrading your style instantly. It would also be a great family belonging.

Are you looking for the right accessory? If you want to carry a religious symbol with you, you should definitely check the amazing religious pendant. The splendid necklace is handmade by the greatest artisans. Hence, it makes you feel so special. Moreover, it would make a great present option. It is no surprise that you will be the star of every occasion. Thus, give the Jesus Christ crown of Thorns Christian Necklace a change, if you want something unique to add to your collection.

It is easily wearable with daily clothes and formal costumes.
The religious men necklace provides you charismatic look.
A striking accessory to wear when you want to stand out with your style.
Its material quality and design are impeccable.

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