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🏘Pray for Jesus 20 piece set🎁

🏘Pray for Jesus 20 piece set🎁

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Create favorite traditions

As enduring as the history it portrays, the Nativity has become a part of families' holiday traditions since January 2000. Susan continues to add interesting and distinctive pieces each year.

(The set contains: 12 sets of Jesus + 1 manger decoration + 3 sets of shepherdess + 4 sets of shepherds, a total of 20 sets.) As the picture shows:

⛪Start at the beginning

The 6-piece Nativity is at the core of the display. The simplicity and shape of Mary holding Jesus, Joseph, and the Shepherd and Sheep standing are the foundation of this timeless Christmas tradition.

Build a welcoming environment

La Crèche is designed to intimately shelter the Sagrada Familia, while providing a broad host base for additional figures. Cypress trees, metallic stars, and tree silhouettes enhance the scene.

Tell the rest of the story

The three wise men, shepherds and stable animals, and the angels of the great nativity (Song of joy and the dance of life) are part of the traditional nativity. Beautifully represented.

Create a sense of anticipation

The Zampognaro (shepherd with bagpipe), the little shepherdess with hers, her two sheep, Peace on Earth, and Ox and Goat, complete an exhibition of peaceful shepherds and animals.

Welcome Additional Angels

Additional Angels wonderfully complement the Nativity: Angel of Prayer, Prayer of Peace, Angel of Hope, Shining Star, Angel of Light, Blessings, a tree a prayer. Mixed with figures or raised on the angel stand these angels enhance the display.

Sentiment: "Behold, a little love on earth" written on enclosure card

5 '' tall hand-painted resin figure, hands up to the chin, with a heart pierced gold filigree crown featuring two white sheep: one lying down, one standing with dark face and feet. Sized to complement the Nativity collection.

The little shepherdess can be part of the Bethlehem collection or displayed on its own. As a Christmas present, wedding present, or self-purchase, the Nativity Scene continues as a family tradition. Supplied in a fitted box ready to give as a gift.

Artist hand carves the original of each piece in her studio in Kansas City, Missouri. These pieces are cast from Susan's original carvings and hand-painted.

Ready to display on a shelf, table, or fireplace. To clean, clean with a soft brush or cloth.



  • Material : resin
  • The set contains: 10 sets of Jesus + 2 simulation trees + 1 manger decoration + 3 sets of shepherdess + 4 sets of shepherds, a total of 20 sets.
  • Size : 25*16*15cm
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