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Little Shepherdess Little Shepherds Nativity Figurines

Little Shepherdess Little Shepherds Nativity Figurines

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Nativity Collection
“I view this angelic figure as an earthly personification of love. Her gaze and gesture is one of adoration. The smoky blue color of her dress grounds her, as do the two wooly lambs she tends. I wanted her to complement the taller shepherdess figure, Peace on Earth. Together, with the other shepherds and animals, they radiate warmth, love and peaceful attentiveness.” —Susan Lordi


This Group Includes:

1、Standing figure in blue-gray dress, with hands up to chin, wearing crown of pierced gold filigree of hearts.2、Two white sheep: one lying down, one standing with dark face and feet.tallest is 3”h. All dimensions are measured manually with deviation.ranged. we are sorry for that.

If you do not like when you get, we can give you refund anytime.

❤️Wish you a happy spend your every day❤️

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